I’m not entirely sure if this year feels like a “New Year, New Me” kinda year – probably not – but, on the plus side, it definitely contains big plans for the bookshop. So, if you’re looking to be kept abreast of what’s happening then look no further.

Some Inspirational Tripe about New Beginnings.
Some Inspirational Tripe about New Beginnings.

1. All the events: all the time.

Those of you who are keeping up with the blog will already know that we have our first event of the year planned for January 17th. What you probably don’t know however, since we haven’t mentioned it yet, is that this year we’ve been super organised and booked our next venue date aaaages in advance. So, if you can’t get down next Saturday then try and get yourself along to The Old Hairdressers on Sat 14th March.

As well as running our own nights as before, we’ve also teamed up with Mick and Sam from The High Flight Magazine both of whom run the High Flight LIVE event nights at Sleazy’s and a monthly free magazine of the same name. Every month they host a magazine launch night featuring live music, poets and (now) us where we’ll be doing our best to peddle books. We’ll also continue to write a monthly speculative fiction review for the magazine so keep your eye out for those or even better, come down to their next event on 15th January.

2. There’s Another World Out There, new blog series.

The other night I was sitting on the loo having a good old think, as you do, and suddenly realised that we pretty much only blog about western sci-fi so… this year I’ve decided to go on the spec fiction version of a vision quest and make it my personal mission to sample as much of this glorious genre as the world has to offer.

To kick things off I went a bit mad on the old book buying and stocked up enough foreign literature to land me a job in the diplomatic services. Over the next few months I’ll be wading my through an extremely eclectic mix of; Le Transperceneige (France), The Fat Years (China), Yukikaze (Japan), The Secret Life of Saeed (Palestine), Turbulence (India), Nigerians in Space (South Africa), The Island of Eternal Love (Cuba) and The Adventures of a photographer in La Plata (Argentina).

I’m especially interested to hear recommendations from readers so please leave all the comments.

3. We Want Your Stories.

Another thing that we’re going to try and get off the ground this year is publishing and promoting speculative fiction short stories and poetry. We haven’t quite worked out exactly where to go with this but early thoughts are that we will be working towards two projects 1) working with Chris Kelso to publish an anthology and 2) setting up a readers submissions area on the blog. There are obviously a few details to iron out before we get started so… watch this space.


I don’t know if anyone else in the Glasgow area feels like this but in the past two years it’s really seemed like things on the poetry and literature front have started to blossom into a wonderful wee network of enthusiastic and energetic people (pass the sick bucket). So a bunch of us made the snap decision yesterday to start a gig listings page over on your friendly neighbourhood watch website: Facebook. The listings are only for Glasgow and Edinburgh at the minute (sorry about that but we do have jobs eh) and are for any literary event that looks decent – a.k.a. you’re not going to find any listings for Mills and Boon promo over there. Anyway, the plan is to try and share each other’s work as much as possible – with the eventual aim of toppling world-wide oppressive power structures through the power of the pen and comradely promotion, obviously. You should definitely like it: The Rhyming Review.

That’s about it I guess, I did swither about actually learning once and for all where to use a colon but decided I’ve got better things to do so am sticking to my strategy of sticking one in where it looks good. Suck it up guys.