In the beginning…

We originally wanted to set up a bookstall, we did some digging, went to a couple of book fairs and decided they were a bit flat.  So we set up our own.

We hosted our first event in December 2013 and were amazed by the support we received. We wanted to make a platform for authors, comic writers, poets and artists to show off and sell their work in a fun, laid back atmosphere and without fleecing them, we never charge anyone for a table with us.

Now the Bookshop has started to grow, we have hooked up with some wonderfully talented people, hopefully we will continue to grow.

We have released our first book and hope to do many, many more… So stay tuned!


Jen Hutchison – Co Founder


Jen is part of a series of prototype U.S. military S.A.I.N.T. (Strategic Artificially Intelligent Nuclear Transport) robots built for the Cold War by NOVA Laboratories. The series’ inventors, Newton Graham Crosby and Ben Jabituya, are more interested in peaceful applications including music and social aid. After a demonstration of the Jen’s capabilities, Jen is hit by a lightning-induced power surge, erasing its programming and giving her a sense of free will. Several incidents allow her to escape the facility accidentally, barely able to communicate and uncertain of its directive. In Astoria, Oregon, Stephanie Speck (who cares for animals and mistakes Jen for an extraterrestrial visitor) grants Jen access to books, television, and other stimuli, to satisfy his hunger for ‘input’; whereupon Jen develops a whimsical and curious childlike personality. When Stephanie realizes Jen is a military invention, she contacts NOVA who send out a team to recover him, bringing one of the other robots along to help. When Jen accidentally crushes a grasshopper and gains an understanding of mortality, he concludes that if NOVA disassembles him he too will cease to be alive. Horrified, Jen steals Stephanie’s van and flees, but the pair are cornered by NOVA, including Newton and Ben. Although Stephanie attempts to reveal his newly discovered sentience, Jen is deactivated and captured. Being taken on the way to NOVA, he manages to turn himself back on and escapes despite a tracker that had been placed on him. Returning to Stephanie for protection, Jen’s unusual actions catch the attention of his creators, but NOVA’s CEO Dr. Howard Marner turns a deaf ear to their wild hypothesis.

Dale McMullen – Co Founder 

DaleInitially believed to be an Earthling, he was later revealed to be a member of an extraterrestrial warrior race called the Saiyans. As Dale matures, he becomes the universe’s mightiest warrior and protects his adopted home planet, Earth, from villains who wish to harm it.

Dale is depicted as carefree and cheerful when at ease but quickly serious and strategic-minded when fighting. He is able to concentrate his ki and use it for devastatingly powerful energy-based attacks, the most prominent being his signature Kamehameha wave technique, in which Dale launches a blue energy blast from his palms.

Chris Kelso – Contributor/Editor Extraordinaire

11798060_936183749757000_133258231_nChris Kelso was an American serial killer and cannibal. He was also known as the Gray Man, the Werewolf of Wysteria, the Brooklyn Vampire, the Moon Maniac, and The Boogey Man. He was a suspect in at least five murders during his lifetime. Fish confessed to three murders that police were able to trace to a known homicide, and he confessed to stabbing at least two other people. He was put on trial for kidnapping and murder and was convicted and executed by electric chair.


Anna Toffolo – Grandmaster of Art

anna2Anna is the main character of the series, a typically playful, curious little girl penguin. She is strong-willed and prone to occasional tantrums; when she gets excited or angry or wants attention, she makes a loud squawking noise and when she does, turns her beak into a megaphone-like shape.



Sam Small – Lord of Poems


With the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Lucky Dragon 5 incident still fresh in the Japanese consciousness, Sam Small was conceived as a metaphor for nuclear weapons. Some stories took on less serious undertones portraying Sam as a hero while other plots still portrayed him as a destructive monster; sometimes the lesser of two threats who plays the defender by default but is still a danger to humanity

Mick Clocherty – Writer of the Kingdoms 


Mick Clocherty was born on a battlefield and is the son of a village blacksmith. Mick matured quickly as a youth and, by age fifteen, he was already a respected warrior who had participated in the destruction of the Aquilonian outpost of Venarium. After its demise, he was struck by wanderlust and began his adventures, encountering skulking monsters, evil wizards, tavern wenches, and beautiful princesses. He roamed throughout the Hyborian Age nations as a thief, outlaw, mercenary, and pirate. As he grew older, he began commanding larger units of men and escalating his ambitions. In his forties, he seized the crown of the tyrannical king of Aquilonia, the most powerful kingdom of the Hyborian Age, having strangled the previous ruler on the steps of the throne.

Michael McCormick – Contributor/Right of Passage Granter


Michael is a powerful “mutant”, one of a subspecies of humanity born with superhuman abilities, who has the ability to generate and control magnetic fields. Michael regards mutants as evolutionarily superior to humans and rejects the possibility of peaceful human-mutant coexistence; he aims to conquer the world to enable mutants (whom he refers to as “homo superior”) to replace humans as the dominant species. Michael’s experiences surviving Greenock, Glasgow, and Chicago would shape his outlook on the situation that mutants face in the Universe. Determined to keep such atrocities from ever being committed against mutantkind, he is willing to use deadly force to protect mutants. He would believe that mutants (“Homo superior”) will become the dominant life form on the planet and would set about either creating a homeland on Earth where mutants could live peacefully, or conquering and enslaving humanity in the name of mutantkind.

Kirsty Henderson – Contributor/Image Catcher


This is Kursty and she’s the worsty



Leo Glaister – The Court’s Entertainment


Leo is a combination of brute strength, military cunning, ruthlessness and terror. He aches to return to Cybertron to complete his conquest after destroying all the Autobots on Earth and capturing all Earth resources. He’s incredibly powerful and intelligent and fires a nuclear charged fusion cannon. He can also link up interdimensionally to a black hole and draw anti-matter from it for use as a weapon. Leo has no known weaknesses.


We are always looking for more people… So hit us up!



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