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Our first ever event. Come on down to the Old Hairdressers, Glasgow on Sunday 1st December, 6:30 p.m. to eleven(ish), and check out some local writers and distros.

Be amazed. Be nice. Buy stuff. Check it out on Facebook.

Here’s what’s happening…

Alexander Abraham
A reading by the lesser spotted Southside Kiwi. Normally to be found in the poetry section – Alex will be turning his talents to spec fiction and no doubt dazzling us all with his lyrical ways.


Stephen Goodall
Edinburgh based comic artist and writer Stephen Goodall will be reading from his latest project. Previous delights include; the ongoing series IMR (“The Institute of Marine Research”).

Check out his work here: http://sdfgoodall.com/imr/

Craig Collins
Craig is a comic writer and purveyor of surreal horror and gruesome gaggery, and the co-creator of experimental and unconventional comics including “Roachwell”, ”Crawl Hole”, “Metradome” and “Haunted Bowels”.

Have a butcher’s here: http://craig-collins.blogspot.co.uk/

Hal Duncan
Hal published his first novel “Vellum” in 2005 and has been powering them out ever since. Publications include; “INK”, “Escape from Hell” and, “Songs for the Devil and Death” along with a plethora of short-stories, poems, scripts and screenplays.

Take a gander here: http://notesfromthegeekshow.blogspot.co.uk/

Douglas Thompson
Glasgow born writer Douglas Thompson has a veritable raft of publications under his belt. Bursting off the starting blocks in 1989 with the Herald/Grolsh Award for best new writing, here’s how he describes his work;

“My writing seeks to defy traditional genre boundaries, but includes elements of Literary, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Supernatural, thus is generally called “Slipstream”. Usually my own starting point however is simply the “Surreal”, i.e. a fiction that seeks to acknowledge the central role of the subconscious mind (dreams and fears) as the powerhouse of all imaginative and creative thought. “

Peruse at your pleasure here: http://douglasthompson.wordpress.com/

And if that wasn’t enough to tempt you through the door we’ll be hosting a few distros too.

Strange Vice – http://www.strangevice.co.uk/

The Final Comedown (zines) – http://thefinalcomedown.wordpress.com/zines-and-tapes/

The Speculative Bookshop – http://thespeculativebookshop.wordpress.com/

Yes? Yes??

*N.B. “The Speculative Bookshop” takes no responsibility for its actions after 11 p.m – they’ve taken the Monday aff. Yaldi.

Event #1
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