Just took twenty minutes out to watch “Fathoms”, a short film by Joe Russ that looks at loss and finding ways not to top yourself when everything’s looking pretty bleak.

The film is set in a post-apocalyptic, underwater world and comes complete with sinister brass, claustrophobic underwater sounds and an angry squid. The characters; a girl, a man and an odd looking cat, struggle to survive or cope with their new circumstances.

All in I’d say it’s worth a look. I’m not a fan of the voice-overs used and it’s probably a bit heavy on the heart-string tugs for my tastes but then, I guess we are in a world where everything they loved is deed. I’m also really impressed that the trio ended up on a submarine in the first place: didn’t think “Find Submarine” would be high on the apocalypse to-do list, unless you’re Helensburgh based. I may be wrong though – my immediate priority would be “Find Daryl Dixon”, the fictional character, thus ensuring my prompt demise.

Check it out y’all.

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