I just read issues #1-4 of Furious.  Furious is a five parter so I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the final issue, thankfully I won’t have to wait long its out on the 28th of May.

As you can probably tell I have really enjoyed my experience so far.

This is writer Bryan JL Glass’s first big original publication, he has won awards in the past for The Mice Templar; which he co-created with long time friend Michael Avon Oeming, he has also did some work for Marvel on Thor: First Thunder and Valkyrie.

furious-01We are in a present day world where our superheroine is the first of her kind.  We join her on her struggle of being portrayed wrongly by the media and her frustration with handling fame.  She is trying her damnedest to absolute herself of past sins and is clearly finding it hard to control her anger.

The comic looks fantastic, big colours pop out of the page with style and the emotion of characters is depicted wonderfully.  Our girl Furious can be fiery at times and the look of rage on her face can be bloody terrifying!

This comic actually makes you think, it also makes you feel a bit… Well, guilty about how we treat celebrities; particularly women.  On saying that it definitely isn’t all doom and gloom, the excitement and action whack you like a bus and you will be gripped.