1530438_806534599368215_268484541562020550_nI’m Mick Clocherty, and I’d like to think I’m a person. Sometimes I write fiction. I help run a fanzine called “The High Flight” in Glasgow and Edinburgh, mainly featuring poetry, short stories and obvious drug references (and a sci-fi review from The Speculative Bookshop!)

From the moment I first attended one of The Speculative Bookshop’s events I knew Dale and Jen were doing something special. It feels like a mission from God. Though obviously not God out of the Bible, more like a Lovecraft monster God.

I’m very pleased to be joining the team and helping out in any way I can.

Give us a like on Facebook. Read some science fiction. Something isn’t any less of a novel because it has a jetpack in it. If anything, it’s better. Shout outs to my homeboys Kurt Vonnegut and Clifford D Simak.


Hello Speculative Bookshop! From Mick Clocherty