My names Sam Small, I’m an amateur poet from Glasgow.

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I first became aware of the Speculative Bookshop when they asked me to read some sci-fi poems at one of their first events in the Old Hairdressers. I had a fucking blast. They put on such a great night, combining poetry storytelling, comic books, literature and more.

Since then Dale and Jen have got involved with the fanzine I help run (The High Flight). They review a book for us every month and they have been popping up the speculative bookshop at a poetry, storytelling and music event I help run in NICENSLEAZY (The High Flight LIVE)

I’m ecstatic to be joining the team and will probably be helping out most with events and spreading the good word.

So join up, like us on Facebook and check out the website but most importantly, read a fucking tonne of fucking awesome books.

That’s why we’re here.

Hello Speculative Bookshop! From Sam Small
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