I’m delighted to be an official part of the Speculative Bookshop team – especially being from Kilmarnock (I’m always grateful when people don’t judge me or my town solely based on ‘The Scheme!’). Dale and Jen have done a great job building this thing up, hopefully we can expand upon their stellar efforts and take the bookshop down some interesting new avenues.

I’m a writer and editor who usually explores and elaborates upon really depressing things like – the human races’ enslavement to extraterrestrials, talking dogs or alcoholic time detectives from Glasgow…

I’ve had fiction appear in or had a mention in – The Evergreen Review, Verbicide, Interzone, The Scottish Book Trust, Bizarro Central, Beatdom, SF Signal, Ginger Nuts of Horror and Sein Und Werden, to name but a few.

Here’s me on the left next to two real writers!

chris spec

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