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Looks like Margaret Atwood’s “Maddaddam” trilogy is to be adapted by Darren Aronofsky for an H.B.O. T.V. miniseries. I might be exhibiting some bias here but I am genuinely excited about this – Atwood is a brilliant author and the MaddAddam trilogy was one of my favourite reads of last year – I practically gorged myself on all three books in a one-er.

Obviously, this won’t be out for a while so if you haven’t already, there’s plenty of time to read the books and join me on the pure excited bandwagon. Look out for “Orynx and Crake”, 2003, “The Year of the Flood”, 2009 and “MaddAddam”, 2013. I will now spend the next few months hoping that Aronofsky doesn’t feck it all up.

More info: “Darren Aronofsky Heads to TV with Miniseries Adaptation of “MaddAdam” Trilogy

– Jen

“MaddAddam” trilogy to be adapted for T.V.
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