The Guardian has written another article about Mars One, the incredibly stupid space mission to start a new colony of nutters on Mars. The article show-cases the top ten hopefuls from Mars One’s shortlist of applicants and is optimistically listed under “science”.


I’m sure I’m not alone in finding the idea of sending a bunch of young hopefuls off on a suicide mission that will almost certainly end in them going blind (cataracts), developing alzheimer’s and effectively becoming a host for cancerous cells absolutely abhorant. But in case I am, Elmo Keep explains in her wonderfully written post “All dressed up for Mars and nowhere to go” why the whole thing reeks of the worst science fiction blockbuster ever. One almost expects Arnie to appear on Mount Olympus brandishing a laser gun, a smile and a desire to rescue every eligible young woman on the planet.


Seriously though; give Elmo’s thing a read.

“All dressed up for Mars and nowhere to go”


Mars One
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