The Speculative Bookshop Presents…

Event number FOUR.

2-WeeksPut down the kale smoothies and stop that weird lunging thing in the hall – the Guardian has “debunked” detoxing anyway. Get down to the Old Hairdressers, 17th Jan, 8 p.m. for a generous dose of weird and wonderful sci-fi absurdo type stuff instead.

Readings and chit-chat from…

Panels Comics: A group of people who just want to “read comics and eat cake all day long”. I like them already

Lewis Gordon: author of new novel Sheep and Goats and all round talented guy

Bram E. Gieben: Poet, author, essayist, cyberpunk lover – guy just likes to write dammit!

Thi-Wurd: Glasgow fiction mag – inspired by “those who exist “outside the narrative””, so, fingers crossed for the Crankies then

Donation = £3 on the door – lend us your support to keep it happening by plonking your post-festive rears down and having a bloody good time.

More Details: Facebook Event Page!

Our next event: Jan 17th
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