This week is Book Week Scotland so I expect you’ll all be feverishly reading your way through everything Scotland has to offer… maybe.

a history makerRather handily, the Scottish Book Trust has compiled a list of the “12 titles no sci-fi lover should be without” to keep us right when it comes to navigating the galaxies, mutants and apocalypses of Scotland’s literary world.

Kudos to John Birch, librarian at the National Library, for putting it together for the world at large – cheers.

As usual, when it comes to lists like this, everyone will have a different opinion – I’d maybe like to see “The Quantum Thief” up there although I’m not too sure if being Finnish (as in the author) is a factor..?

Are there any books that you think ought to be on the list? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts. (Oh, and before we sign off – a little plug here – we will be selling a copy of But n Ben a-go-go this Sunday so if yer after that and don’t mind a second-hand copy, hang tight.)

View the list here and let us know what you think: Scottish Book Trust: Essential Sci Fi

Scottish Sci-Fi in a List
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