What a lovely way to fuck up your head!Seb

Suan Ming is ambitious, trippy, funny, serious – but most of all – it’s great fun to read.  The short chapters (64 in total.  Bonus prize if you guessed that’s the same amount as the I-Ching), will have you feeling like you’re flying through the story.  There are little nuggets of information, delivered to you in such a way to keep you guessing throughout, I’m sorry to tell you – you won’t guess anything correctly.  

When I asked Seb about the book he described it as a “mind-freeze”; pretty apt I would say.  But there is bucket loads of character development within this freezing of the mind.  We join our protagonist John DiMeglio on a classic “I’m getting too old for this shit” scenario.  John has more than paid his dues to the army with a lifetime of service, but being a soldier – and coaxed slightly by his commanding officer Creely – he can’t help but step up to serve his country one last time.  His cynical look at service is both relatable and funny, and his relationship with his superiors casts suspicion and trust in equal measure. 

The other big aspect is the impact on John’s home-life, especially with his wife Kathryn and their kids? Kid?  Did they have kids?  You’ll see what I mean.  Anyway, Kathryn – a former soldier herself, knows all to well how the army can affect you; especially when you’re a “remote-viewer” like John.  Yes, that’s right, John has the – pretty cool – ability to spy on the enemy remotely. sebbb1

I would wholeheartedly recommend taking yourself on this head trip.  It’s not a long book so you will be able to gobble it up in an afternoon/evening and you’ll enjoy the ride.  I promise.  

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Seb Doubinsky – Suan Ming – Review