Its March!  Its been more than enough time since we have given you a big slice of Sci-Fi/Weirdo/Absurdo Pie! So we will be back at The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow at half 7 on the 14th of March. We are going book/zine/poetry crazy up in here, with readings and chit-chat from:

Mike Cobley: Well established science fiction writer and all around good guy, author of the Humanity’s Fire series.  Mike will be providing a couple of readings and letting us question him to the point of cracking.

Adam Millard: He is a book writing machine!  Making the trip up from Wolverhampton- Adam is going to take us on a trip on how to make story’s into books.  With titles like Larry and The Human Santapede its sure to be an exciting and strange ride.

Jim Steel: We are extremely honoured for Jim to come talk to us about Interzone Magazine; founded in 1982 it has been the most important Sci-Fi magazine in UK history.  But don’t take our word for it.

“If there had been no Interzone to be the backbone of the British SF industry, then someone would have had to invent it. Fortunately, this happened”  – Terry Pratchett

The High Flight Fanzine: Glasgow/Edinburgh’s most exciting zine; ran by crazy people who make a crazy zine.  It’s fucking brilliant and its fucking free…

As per we will be having a poet or two to entertain your ears and brain: TBC

Suggested donation is 3 quid, just so we can keep this going.  So get over to our Events Page now and tell us you’re coming and spread the good word like a plague.

Much love.

The Speculative Bookshop…. Event #5
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