We have been putting on events for nearly two years now..FrontCover_web

But this one was extra super special.  We launched our first ever book! (AVAILABLE HERE!)

We had some brilliant readings and some amazing performances.

Firstly I have to say there was an amazing crowd there so thank you all, we ran out of seats pretty quickly but we managed to squeeze in.

Our very own Sam Small warmed up the crowd with a couple of belting poems, if you haven’t seen Sam before I can only describe him as beautiful.  In every way, he has a beautiful face, mind and soul.  He also wears trousers well.

Our first reader was Ian Skewis, I was surprised to hear this was Ian’s first published story and I’m delighted we got to him first.  He read Inkling, a tale of a confused woman trying to figure out her past with a psychiatrist who obviously- is a robot. Delivered with grace the story delved deep into the mind and captivated the crowd, one of my favourite things about hosting these events is standing at the side looking at peoples faces as they lean in intently listening and their reactions as plot twists are revealed.  Ian’s story had a brilliant moment whereby confusion turned into realisation and horror, it left me smiling in the wings having already read it.  Ian is having a novel published, but he needs some funds!  Go help out here.

1426252_520757358021384_1107350649_nWe then had Douglas Thompson take the stage.  Douglas did our first ever event over two years ago. It was a pleasure having him back, he’s been a busy boy releasing several high quality books.  When we originally reached out for stories he was one of the very first ones to reply, he sent us Volwys; the title story from his latest collection of short stories.  It’s a cracking story, you’ll be able to find a full review of it in next months High Flight Fanzine.  Douglas delivered the story up to his own high standards and it was a pleasure having him along again.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty more of him.

Taking us into the break was Ruth EJ Booth, poor Ruth showed up to enjoy the night, relax and have a beer or two, when suddenly I thrust a reading on her.  She took it in her stride and delivered some real heartfelt stuff up there.  I was again surprised to hear that although Ruth has had several pieces published, this was her first published poem.  It was a lovely way to finish off the first half.  On another note; if you follow us on Twtter (@thespecbookshop) it’s basically Ruth runs it single-handedly, she does a great job of keeping not only active but interesting as well.  CHEERS RUTH!

Elaine Gallagher
Elaine Gallagher

After a well deserved fag break we cracked onto the second half with our final reader Elaine Gallagher, she did us a great wee story named The Little Difference Engine That Could, a story about a robot dealing with a task, ticking and whirring to a conclusion; it’s hard not to smile reading this story, she also performed a couple more poems.  She definitely resonated with the crowd, you could see people grinning and nodding in agreement with her, she has a fantastic view of the world and a lovely eloquent way of sharing those views with you.

We finished off the night with the frankly fantastic Creative Martyrs, they dazzled the audience with songs such as “Spare Part Baby”, “You’re on the List!” and”Burn Those Books”, I can’t describe how much fun I have watching these guys with mere words, you really need to experience these guys, and you can do so.  They host regular nights in The Bungo in the south-side of Glasgow, keep up to date with upcoming shows here.

All that’s left to do is thank everyone again, it was brilliant talking to everyonet, several of the contributors made it down, I just wish i had time to talk to you all more.  So we’ll be back with another event soon! See you then…



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