Welcome to our second weekly feature, this week I’ll be telling you about The Unsleep by Diana and Meir Gillon.

Last week Jen reviewed Nod for you, where the population have been robbed of sleep.  The Unsleep is on the opposite end of the spectrum,  The population has actually chosen to stay awake.

The British Government has supported a miracle drug “Sta-Wake” which eradicates the need to sleep.  This leads to a happy productive public but desperation and erratic behaviour creeps in when the general population struggle to fill their nights.

Set in London the city never sleeps, bars and cafes don’t close, personal and public transport are always moving and televisions are always blaring.  This all makes a huge amount of noise and is a big nuisance to our two lead characters who are still trying to sleep.  Sceptical of this new wonder drug they are seen as subversives when they resist the injections.  The book takes you on their journey of being in a marriage when all your friends, family and co-workers think you are being ignorant, you’re fighting against the norm and you’re left defending yourselves constantly.  Strains certainly begin to show and an emotional roller-coaster begins…


Once you struggle through the first fifty pages the story really becomes enjoyable.  There is some fantastic science fiction on show and the descriptions of the futuristic surroundings are truly impressive.

Where the book comes into its own in the characters actions, each one described with such deep thought and justification that you see both sides of an argument and almost agree with both parties.  I imagine this is done so well by having a male and female writer, you get a stubborn husbands prospective and the deep worry of a wife seeing her husband in emotional pain.  On a lighter note you get the good old everyone has started bonking like mad because they are bored, which is nice.

After reading the book I discovered that it is unavailable for Kindle and is out of print. Amazon/E-bay are selling it for roughly £20 but tell you what.  If you fancy it we will give it away for a tenner at our next event.

Thanks for reading and see you soon…



What I read this week… “The Unsleep” by Diana and Meir Gillon
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